Your Open Letter to Your Pre-Quarantine Self

Since our country’s now facing the longest Coronavirus quarantine in the world, the prolonged lockdown surely is making me introspect and look back at my old “normal” life…

If you knew pre-quarantine what you know right now, what message would you give to your “old normal” self?

Mine would have to be:

Hey Bea,

You know, maybe save your money first instead of renewing more gym classes for 2020 — you won’t be leaving your house for a long time, so build the home gym already. That overseas trip you’ve been saving up for with friends won’t happen anytime soon, so don’t bother buying those plane tickets on sale. Alanis Morissette? Not happening. Don’t get too excited.

Also, time to invest in good cookware and tableware because you’ll be cooking almost everyday, the most you’ve ever done in your life! Dishwashing, too, so you can kinda count it a little as a workout.

Hug your parents more, make every Sunday family day count. The family won’t be complete in one space for a while. Video calls will be your daily habit. WIFI your BFF.

Lastly, keep healthy, and pray. Pray the hardest, because there are pretty intense news stories that will bombard you every day, and will leave a lot of people (you included) both anxious and helpless. Help as much as you can, but also, don’t forget to rest. OMG. Have massages every single time you can before March. Your favorite spas will be closed for a loooong time.

On a lighter note: that someone you met earlier this year will turn out to be quite special. Stop being so cynical about everything. :joy::sweat_smile:


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