Thoughts on Plant-based Burgers?

It looks like plant-based and vegetarian burgers might be the next new normal in our fast-food chains! While these burgers are heaven-sent to those having a strictly meatless diet, some will still seek the flavors of real beef patties. How about you, do you think these healthier alternatives can replace your usual burger?

ICYMI, here are some places where you can buy plant-based burgers in Manila:


Went on a deep dive on faux meats / plant based processed foods last week and for the most part, I feel like alternative meats are here to stay! The fact that we have big PH players like San Miguel and Century (Century Tuna Group) launching their alternative meat brands locally is a great thing. Every bit that can help lessen meat consumption is good in my book.

Consumers just have to do their own research on whatever alterna-meats they’re ordering, since while plant based, other plant-based products are not suitable for vegans (ex: Veega uses egg whites). Otherwise, if it’s delicious – I’ll take it! :slight_smile: