Shows/Series that Deserve Another Season?!

So I just found out today that Dead To Me is getting a third (and final) season!!!

Other shows I’m excited for on Netflix are the new seasons of

  • Umbrella Academy (this month!)

  • Stranger Things (shooting was supposed to start early 2020 but due to pandemic might be delayed)

And I hope we get more seasons of

  • The Baby Sitters Club
  • The Politician

FRINGE! So much sci-fi love for that show! :slight_smile:


Di ko natapos ang Fringe but I used to love that series!!! This was about the same time as another sci fi series, Flash Forward, was released. That only lasted one season, too bad because it had a really good concept. #GoneTooSoon

Bring back “Homeland” and Saul Barrenson (one of the main characters in the show).

I just remembered - Marco Polo! Hey Netflix, can you bring it back? :slight_smile:


I kinda miss the folks from Bon Temps too. Any chance they could squeeze out more storyline from the “True Blood” mythology? Hehehe

Netflix Daredevil :slight_smile:


Oh yeah. Liked that TV series (Marco Polo) a lot too :smiley:


I almost forgot… Flashforward! It ended suddenly after just one season. And, no closure… please bring it back!

@rendcel just shared this list on ClickTheCity!

The Society was originally renewed for another season, but due to COVID, is now cancelled. Another good show concept, gone too soon!