Need a good, budget-friendly laptop for my daughter's online schooling

School’s about to start but with what’s happening lately, my daughter is going to be spending the first few months probably at home where they’d have their daily online classes. She’s still in grade school so there’s no need for fancy video cards or the like - just need a dependable, budget friendly laptop that she can use for everyday video conferencing and school research.

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We were able to get a SUPER good deal for a laptop during the Lazada Mid-Year Sale, for a Lenovo.

First 100 buyers flash sale for P14,995, plus free shipping! I am sure there will be some other online sale (8-8 maybe?)

We were supposed to get this one:

But we didn’t make it to the flash sale (it was only P12,000 for first 100 buyers last July 15!), sold out agad.

Whoah! Now that’s a steal!

I suck during these online sale events. My chances of getting a limited pair of sneakers is much higher :smiley:

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This looks like a good deal - does not have any brand, but with 8gb memory and 256 SSD. Wow! Not sure how true. Let me know if ok. hehehe

15.6 Inch 8GB RAM DDR4 256GB SSD Notebook Intel J3455 Quad Core Laptops with FHD 1920x1080 Display Ultrabook Student Computer

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My search ended with the Huawei Matebook D15. Unfortunately went above the budget but the specs are decent for a mid-range laptop. Poor man’s macbook? Hehe