My Top Mind-blown Moments when Watching Movies

Some of my favorite movies are the ones that contain big plot twists.

I just love the surprise factor, especially when the plot twist really turns the story upside down that sometimes even I wouldn’t want to believe it!

My top picks are Shutter Island, having an iconic plot twist in cinema, and Gone Girl, a great adaptation of an already brilliant book.

What’s yours?

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Watching The Sixth Sense back when it was in the cinemas, I really did not expect that plot twist!

OLDBOY is a film I’ve only seen once in full, because I’m still slightly traumatized with its plot twist. What a crazy movie.

Cannot wait for TENET in cinemas. Been seeing all the reviews from overseas.

Mine’s definitely the big moment in The Others! I watched that film back when I was in high school, and I still remember just how shookt I was when they did that reveal! My friends and I still talk about it sometimes.

OLDBOY is also one that managed to surprise me. I watched it without any prior knowledge as to what it’s about so just imagine what I went through when they got to the film’s “big twist”. :sweat_smile: