How likely are you to watch a movie in the cinemas this July?

With movie announcements like Train To Busan’s sequel releasing as early as next month, it looks like we’re preparing for a less strict quarantine in a few week’s time.

How do you feel about returning to the malls to watch a movie by July?

Wishlist: a drive-in theater setup in empty lots located in Entertainment City or BGC. That should be an interesting experience while keeping physically distant with each other!

If they have these rules in place, I would go:

  1. Everyone should be required to wear a mask, at ALL times. This means, no popcorn, food and drink should be allowed.

  2. UV disinfection after every screening. Cinemas should be sanitized after each screening. Or, ill just catch the day’s first screening.

  3. Proper distancing. Seating should be every other row AND at least two seats in between groups, ie people can buy seats together, but the next transaction should be spaced at least 2 seats from the last transaction

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Yes to all of this! The disinfection every screening should be mandatory, this may mean less screenings in a day to give way to more cleaning time, but peace of mind is what we need right now whenever we step outside.

Hopefully, all ticket bookings would be cashless/contactless as well. No need for ticket printouts if all Cinemas are able to provide e-tickets (mobile app/email).

Yes but most likely just a movie night with the wifey. Though it’s going to be super weird being seated apart but would definitely work if we are watching Train to Busan 2! I think TENET is releasing in August too :slight_smile: Missing the big screen so badly!

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I really miss the cinema experience and eating popcorn!!! Hahaha!