Food from the 'Old Normal' That You Really Miss?

I’m sure I’m not alone in longing for a normal day out to visit restaurants, without having to wear a face mask and disinfecting yourself every five minutes. There are some food experiences that simply cannot be replicated with a food delivery or our “new normal” dine in experience!

My top 3 have to be:

  1. Fresh salmon sashimi (I am still hesitant to have raw seafood delivered, can anyone recommend this?)

  1. Hotel breakfast buffets (the arroz caldo station, unli-bacon, and refills of coffee to start your morning!)

  1. Catching up with friends at a bar or a cafe – it’s the social aspect of dining that makes it memorable, too!

What food things do you miss the most from the outside world?

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  1. Buffets! Now I hate myself for saying “I won’t be eating at this buffet anymore!”.

  2. Samgyup! Though we’re able to somehow replicate this at home, there’s something different with having it at the restaurant - the “unlimited” part that is!

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  1. Office Birthday Celebrations
  2. Jollijeeps :smiley:
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KBBQ and Hot Pot!!! I’m really missing all the kinds of meals which you have to enjoy with your barkada or with your family. :pleading_face:

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A LOT!!! But here are a few that I miss most:

  1. Coco Ichibanya’s Japanese Curry
  2. Crosta Pizzeria’s Cheesy AF
  3. Fresh Oysters from Wantusawa

+1000 on office lunches (North Park, Amber, Conti’s, etc)!!!

Also recreating samgyup at home is never the same… Because you’d also have to do the cleanup afterward… hehehe!

Mercato Centrale-BGC

I miss dining in at [Ippudo] ramen and bun

Onion brick of [Racks]

Fishballs and squid balls

office lunch and surprise deliveries :yum: !

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