Favorite DIY Meal Kits in Metro Manila?

There’s been so many food trends that sprung up because of quarantine, and my favorite restaurant pivot has to be these cook-it-at-home, assemble-at-home boxes so you can recreate your fave dishes in the kitchen!

It’s perfect for those who 1) like to cook, 2) are interested to at least start cooking, even if it’s just baby steps!, and 3) want their food hot and fresh, any time of the day (since not all food deliveries are 24/7!).

So far, the most rewarding to prepare at home has to be the Tsukemen Ramen, since ramen’s been something I always appreciate in restaurants and never at my own kitchen! Super easy, and a fun way to get everyone at home (kids included) interact with food before eating it!

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I have not actually gone to Mendokoro ramen place, despite its good reviews, even if it’s quite near our office. Love ramen, Ippudo especially, but have not tried this because of the big slab of meat in its ramen I see in pictures. You see, I want the meat to be well done, but I get by with other ramen places since it normally only has a few small slices of meat in it. But I was able to try their take home Ramen kit - cooked the meat well, and I liked it! Maybe ill try their resto one of these days when things get back to normal. :slight_smile:

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Ramen Nagi’s ramen & gyoza kit! :drooling_face:

Trying The Grid’s new Laksa Kit for this week! Looks like it’s already rainy season for us so all the ramen and laksa kits will be perfect to order.