Favorite Book To Movie/TV Adaptations?

I’m looking for more things to put on my binge-list! Here are some of my picks, of books I enjoyed seeing brought to life on-screen:

  1. Stardust (movie)
  2. Coraline (movie)
  3. True Blood (series)
  4. The Hunger Games (movies)
  5. The Baby-Sitters club – the new Netflix series in particular! Much better than the 90s film. It’s premiering this Friday! here’s my review:
  1. Ready Player One - so happy this is on Netflix, too!

(I never got to complete reading the GOT books/A Song of Ice and Fire, so it’s not on my list, hehehe)

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Were you able to see any of these book-to-film adaptations in 2019?

They did make some changes but Tom Hanks gave enough justice to Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon :slight_smile: It’s like my modern Indiana Jones only more geeky hehe

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Kevin Kwan’s latest novel, which was released only this month, has landed a movie deal already! Since Crazy Rich Asians was such an entertaining adaptation, I already am looking forward to this one.

Watched this with the whole fam last night. Really enjoyed it! My daughter loves it so much!

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I’m sure she will also love the books as much as I did! The show is so wholesome and fun, perfect to watch with the whole family! :slight_smile:

We were on the last episode with just 9 minutes left when her mom yelled and told us to turn the TV off already. Didn’t realize it was almost past 12mn. I’m pretty sure she’d be asking us to get her the books.

And coincidentally, she has four close friends and each one can actually represent a character from the show. My daughter is the artistic one - Claudia!