Cinemalaya Goes Online This Year

Cinemalaya will push through this year, and they will be making their Short Films category the main competition. The festival’s films will all be streamed online, and while this is due to the pandemic, moving Cinemalaya online is also a nice way for the films to reach a wider audience.

I hope that in the future-- even after the pandemic-- they also make the films available for paid streaming online, let’s say a few weeks after the festival officially ends and all films are pulled out from the cinemas.

(Photo from Cinemalaya on Facebook)

In case you haven’t seen them, you can watch all the trailers of the 10 finalists of Cinemalaya 2020 on this link:

This would also be the perfect time for Cinemalaya to have an online video archive of all the previous years’ films! I know there are some films available on iFlix to stream, but would be great if there was a complete collection that we can access online. :slight_smile:

Yes! And they will also be streaming some of the past films through their ‘Cinemalaya Retro’ this year. :slight_smile:

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