Calling All Small Business Owners/Home-Based Merchants!

Are you an owner of a small or home-based business? Are your products available in Metro Manila?

If you answered both questions with “yes”, then you may be featured next on one of our weekly article series: Merchant Spotlight or Instagram Finds.

Every Thursday and Friday, we share the stories and specialties of small businesses for Metro Manila residents. If you’re interested, just leave a comment here with a link to your brand’s social media account/website.

For your reference, check out some of the Merchant Spotlight articles we’ve already published:

ClickTheCity’s editorial team will look through your brands and select the most recommended businesses. Once your brand is selected, we’ll send you a direct message. :slight_smile:


Hello Bam,

You might be interested to feature my handmade soaps.

Kind Regards,


Hi! I’m Hannah from Cyan Patisserie. I bake pastries such cakes, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, pupcakes (yes, you heard it right! cupcakes for your fur babies!), and more coming soon!

We’re based in San Pedro, Laguna but we do scheduled deliveries to Metro Manila as well.

Follow us on IG for updates and announcements. We’re releasing new products this month! Stay tuned!

CYAN PATISSERIE - click the link

Thank you!


Hi Hannah!

Cool! A pastry party for both pets and hoomans! We’ll send you a DM here for more details. :smiley:

Hi Joanne!

Thank you for reaching out to us. Cool craftsmanship with those soaps! We’ll DM you here for more details. :smiley:

Wow @pira.hannah those rolls look pretty amazing!!! Good to know it’s also available in Metro Manila!

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Hi! I’m Bea from Baguio Pasalubongs :slight_smile: We distribute products from Good Shepherd Baguio here in Metro Manila and surrounding areas. You can check out our social media accounts here:

FB: Baguio Pasalubongs
IG: @baguio.pasalubongs



Hi Bam!

What a great initiative! I’m Justin from Primo’s Farm Fresh Kesong Puti! We deliver Kesong Puti the same day it was made in our farm in Bulacan! Every roll is delicately made using only the freshest gatas ng kalabaw that we source ourselves, from farmers that we are proud to call friends.

You can check us out at Primo’s Farm Fresh Kesong Puti on Facebook and @PrimosKesongPuti on Instagram! Please dont hesitate to shoot us a message! Would love to tell you more about our business :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hi, Bam!
I’m Stella from Stilla Blooms. You might be interested to feature my dried and preserved flowers & plants. You can check out our IG page at Thank you so much! :green_heart:


Hi Bea,

We’ve sent you a message. :smiley:

Hi Justin,

Your kesong puti looks delicious! Sent you a message! :smiley:

Hello, Stella!

We’ve sent you a message :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hello! I’m Alyanna Salvador, a medical student and owner of Baked by Alyanna (@bakedbyalyanna on instagram and facebook). I sell baked goods from cookies to muffins and the current trend of Ube Cheese Pandesal (I also have the cream cheese variant) wherein I use a homemade family recipe ube halaya (which I also sell). I also have new products which will be available soon. :slight_smile: Hope you can check out my page.


Hi Bam!

This is Pat Perez from Fluff Club. I’d like to share with you our samgyup bake & other comfort food. Our samgyup bake comes in two flavors, the woo samgyup bake, made with USDA Beef, and the pork samgyup bake. We have a new flavor coming out this weekend, the bulgogi bake.

Our social media pages are

IG: @fluffclubmnl

Hope you can check us out! Thanks :heart:


Hi! Sharing our page as well. :slight_smile: We are Quezon City based online meat shop. We offer 100% all natural gourmet meats like sirloin tapa, longganisa, tocino. We also offer seasonings such as pickled chili.

Link to our page is:


Hi, Bam!

I’m Misty of Desserts and Co. - which just opened this week. I currently offer my version of the tiramisu (uses Italian mascarpone, strong on the coffee flavor, and not too sweet).

More products will be available soon. So stay tuned!

Here’s a link to my instagram:

Thank you for this initiative! Hoping to hear from you. :slight_smile:


Hello Cookie Monsters! My name is Aly of Aly’s Cookie Bar. :slight_smile:

Established Aly’s Cookie Bar in 2013 and we are about to expand to our first retail store before year end in my neighbourhood in Salcedo.

Our cookies stay moist and chewy for more than a week at room temperature! We find that our cookies actually taste better with time. Try it before you judge it. :wink:

We have 3 variants at the moment: Triple Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Cranberry & Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel

Our cookies are made with only premium ingredients and a whole lotta love!

Hope to get to bake for all you cookie monsters soon. :sparkling_heart:

Follow us for more updates!
instagram: @alyscookiebarmnl


+1 on Aly’s Cookie Bar! I’m a fan of your classic choco chip cookies :heart_eyes:

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Hi Bam!

Thank you and to the CTC team for this initiative!

I am handling the social media accounts of the Hotel Durban group in Poblacion, and their two food concepts - Farfalla and Empire Bakery and Deli are both open and serving during this time.

Farfalla, aside from serving traditional Italian food, just recently launched a mini-grocery, with fresh pasta, sauces, breads, cheeses, and other premium hard to find pantry staples. Hoping your team can check out the pages

Thank you!



For all you mac & cheese lovers we invite you to try our holy macaroni classic. We promise we dont skimp on those premium cheeses to give you the best cheezy experience.

Follow us on FB Cheezy Macs MNL & IG @cheezymacsmnl and you can order at our website

If youve been craving for juicy, tasty sausages we also have breakfast sausages from Arianna’s. All our customers have been converted and are certified Arianna’s addicts :smiley: just pm us on FB Ariannas Sausages or IG @ariannassausages.

Thank you!!


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