Best/Most Useful Viber Groups to Follow?

I’ve always used Whatsapp, IG, and Facebook to connect with people whenever I need to look for something to buy/eat/order. But since quarantine started, I noticed everyone started using Viber more – me included!

Which have been the most useful groups to join? Please share so I can follow as well!

Here’s my current list of groups I check out (the rest are ‘muted’ hehe):

  • my neighborhood group (for updates on our building, especially with quarantine and safety protocols)

  • BGC Goods and Services

  • SM Aura Premier Community (super helpful with frequent updates on store hours, status of queues such as customers in line to enter store and to checkout so you know what time to drop by)

  • GYM & FITNESS MARKETPLACE MM (I ‘window shop’ here to see which ones are selling equipment and accessories cheaper compared to online sources like Lazada/Shopee)

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TITAN On-Demand for local sneakerheads! You can message them directly for orders and they do a lot of promos and exclusive drops.

Following your Barangay community group is very helpful, especially during quarantine. We were able to source many of our grocery needs through it. And luckily, our barangay captain was active in the group so we can easily get information on the covid situation in our area.

  • Our City and Barangay’s Viber Group - City Office and Barangay daily updates
  • San Juan Resident’s Group - this group is mainly for sharing of general info and updates about San Juan
  • San Juan Finds - includes food and non food items)
  • Safety Equipment PPE - Buy and sell group for all kinds of Safety Equipment / Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE )
  • The SM Store - you can order thru their Viber group and schedule pick up or delivery
  • Pasabuy - order pasa"buy" at Healthy Options 3% off any items, no minimum purchase required and no service charge :slight_smile: very helpful specially during the start of ECQ,
  • Kuya TRASH BAG (atbp.) - so far the cheapest supplier of trash bags, microwavable containers and sando bags